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 Welcome! My name is Connie. I have always felt like I was not doing enough to carry my own weight in society. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. I decided I needed to change my life and do something that made me feel like I was putting in effort. In 2016 I started Underdog Animal Society! Originally the idea was to be a senior dog rescue to alleviate shelter numbers and lower the euthanasia rate. My problem is...I am a bit of a control freak....control freak with anxiety issues. This is not a great combination for someone who needs foster parents and to do public events and much more. Then I decided for my own sanity (bless those who are able to operate rescues!!!) to make the remaining seniors we had "sanctuary" rescues meaning that due to their behavioral quirks or mental issues I would keep them the remainder of their days. So I bought a house on 3 acres in McHenry and moved my folks on to the property so that they could assist while I am at work and we could take care of each other.

Fast forward 6 months: I was getting that same old feeling of not doing enough. I decided that even though mentally I could not deal with rescue work in the traditional sense I could help our community in other ways!

I started doing "needed items drives" and it has been a massive success. I ask people via facebook to donate items on a list that a local nonprofit needs. I gather those items and select a date to bring them to the designated nonprofit or organization.

I wasn't satisfied so I also started a relief fund for low income pet parents with emergency vet bills or pet food needs. When there are enough funds we help provide those pet owners with relief knowing they don't need to give up or euthanize their pets due to lack of funds.

I also post on social media local special pets that need adoption.

Who has received Help from uas since 2016

We have been able to provide pet nourishment to 68 pet owners over the years. This is typically a large one time food donation.

We have been able to help with the expenses of 79 emergency procedures.

We have held "needed items drives" for the following organizations since UAS was started:

Local animal shelters: HSSM, HCAS, JCAS, SCSPCA 

Local rescue organizations: Wild At Heart, Just Cause, Fixin The Coast, Pink Paws

Human related causes: Help for the Homeless (provided backpacks filled with essentials to homeless), food drives for Feed My Sheep and United Methodist Church Food Pantry, provided stab resistant and bullet proof vests to Gulfport PD canine officers, Court Appointed Special Advocates of Hancock County (provided children school supplies), Lakeview Nursing Home (provided bathing essentials, robes and slippers for Christmas), Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence (supplied domestic abuse survivors with items to move into new homes) and more!

Why UAs?

Please choose Underdog Animal Society for a one time or monthly donation so that we can keep up with community outreach needs. Your donations will go such a long way! We provide pictures showcasing what we have done and pictures of purchase and receipts on our facebook page at or you can follow me on facebook at