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We are proud to announce that UAS operates several "Needed Items Drives" per year for shelters and human oriented organizations as well. Those listings are below. Please scroll down further to learn about our Community Emergency Veterinary Fund - if you can help please sign up for monthly donations on our home page - donations start at only $2/month!

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions if you are interested in helping. The options to donate monthly may seem confusing but really it is because when building this option we were told each monetary option had to have a different name but really it all goes in the same pot so whichever is best for you financially will go where it needs to go.

Payment Options (Tax Deductible)

Community Veterinary Emergency Fund - This program so we can use your help securing funds - simply sign up for only $2/month for this program. This will help those pet lovers with unexpected emergency veterinary care. This will help the pet parent and the pet. We work directly with local veterinarians through this program to ensure legit need.