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Name: Lil Petey Breed: wire haired terrier mix Age: 10 years young Weight: 10-15lbs

Background info: a welfare check caused he and his 7 siblings to need new homes

Temperament: He is very very sweet and wants to be in your lap. He is good with people and polite dogs, not great with large dogs unless they are sweet. NOT good with cats. LOVES to snuggle and LOVES soft toys. Very patient boy will wait forever for you to tell him he can sit with you after you are done eating. He has come a very long way but still not 100% potty trained and will not back down from a fight.

Name: Falkor (Originally Harley but come on, he looks like Falkor from Neverending Story)

Sex: Male Age: 17 Breed: Poodle/Schnauzer Mix Weight: 10lbs needs to gain weight though)

Health Concerns: Deaf (hence the name change), big tumor on his front leg we were told to just keep an eye on, some incontinence and mobility issues.  

Background info: His person passed away and he was brought to the shelter.

Temperament: So stinkin sweet. Good with everyone. Very reserved. Cried at first because he lost his parent but after a couple days was fine. Super duper food aggressive. He is currently teaching himself pee pad training by watching the other littles (which is adorable).

Name: Petey Breed: rat terrier mix Age: 15.5 years Weight: 20lb

Medications needed for upkeep in addition to heartworm/flea prevention: Phenobarbital for seizure control & Fluoxetine (doggy Prozac)  

Background info: His person passed away and his remaining family surrendered him.

Temperament: Petey does well with people and dogs but not cats. Petey does not like being yelled at and will show his teeth when this is done and if pushed he will bite your hand. Petey loves to play fetch. He has separation anxiety and will obsessively lick people and bark when we leave the home. Bites when groomed.

Name: Kobuki (kah-boo-key) Sex: Male Age: 15 Breed: Chihuahua mix Weight: 7lbs

Temperament: Gets along with most people, cats and ignores most dogs but hates Big Petey for some reason.

Loves soft toys and to play. Not a fan of being told what to do. Hates being crate trained. Will attack brooms. Can throw temper tantrums. NOT kid friendly.

Currently takes bland prescription food for pancreatitis.

Background Info: His person passed away and he was turned into the shelter.

Lucy, 10 yrs young, spaniel mix, 30lbs. Has some PTSD issues from prior trauma but is a good girl.  

Temperament: NO KIDS UNDER 10, NO CATS. She barks a lot when she sees cats or people outside. Otherwise she is VERY sweet and funny. She is submissive and very awkward around other dogs. Keeps to herself a lot when she gets to know you but at first wants you to love her and will be all over you. Will growl, spit and snarl if you sit too close to her hind area due to prior abuse but has never bitten.  

Background Info: Her background info involves things that may be too much for some people to read so will not be displayed but it was very bad.

Name: Peachy Breed: Chihuahua Age: 13ish

Temperament: Jealous around other small dogs and will relentlessly fight them until she feels they have learned their place. Seems fine around larger dogs. Chases cats. Around people she is amazing. Very sweet, loves to cuddle and best dog to wake up to in the morning. Protective of food around other animals.

No background info available.

Zoombie came to us...she walked right up to the front door and asked for help. She had 6 week old kittens with her, was pregnant again, and had recently been attacked by something that ripped open her mouth and throat yet she would still carry mouthfuls of food to her kittens even though she could barely eat and was terribly skinny herself. We got her all fixed up and realized she really really hates being inside so being that she stays on site she is now our mouser.  

We also have 9 other very friendly colony cats that all just kind of moved onto the property. I'm assuming they just tell other neglected cats about our place and bring them along haha.